Nine Gallons #1 by Susie Cagle

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Nine Gallons #1
by Susie Cagle

ninegallons1I did some light internet stalking of Susie Cagle while trying to find her website at a time when her book was not in hand, and learned unexpectedly that her father was once a toy inventor. This news has nothing to do with her excellent new mini-comic Nine Gallons #1, but it’s fascinating nonetheless and obviously something you should know. I mean, look at this genius “bath soup” invention Ms. Cagle is modeling. Who knew then that years later, when she grew up and moved to San Francisco, she would devote thankless hours to making real, edible kinds of soup as a member of Food Not Bombs? It’s a remarkable coincidence – and certainly the best segue I could hope for leading into this review.

Nine Gallons #1 is a slice-of-life style book that chronicles some of Cagle’s most memorable experiences with Food Not Bombs – the loosely-knit international collective of anti-war pro-soup activists.

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