Guest Strip: Tom Van Deusen

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doritostzTom Van Deusen is an artist and writer based out of Seattle, Washington. He graduated with a BFA in Printmaking from the University at Buffalo in 2008. After college he wrote and compiled a few zines, helped start an all-ages gallery and performance space called Buffalo Sugar City and did some illustration work. Over the course of a year he wrote and performed an hour-long faux parenting presentation called “Rearing Your Tween,” which covered everything from The Family Dinner to the disgusting changes going on in your child’s body.

He moved to Seattle, Washington, in 2009 with the hope of becoming a hot-shot artist in the big(ger) city. Instead, he became a lonely recluse, and, as is custom for lonely recluses, became enamored with alt comics.

He recently released his first full-length comic book A Matter of Life and Death. Its sequel Another Matter of Life and Death is currently being serialized online.

You can follow him on Twitter and visit his website where you can purchase A Matter of Life and Death and read other excellent comic stories.

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