Ochre Ellipse #3 by Jonas Madden-Connor

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Ochre Ellipse #3
by Jonas Madden-Connor
Family Style

jmcIt’s difficult to say something new about the simplicity and preciousness of youth, but in Ochre Ellipse #3, I believe Jonas Madden-Connor has done it.

Childhood is an extremely primitive and potent time in a person’s life. It’s unsurprising then how memories from our youth are used to build a lore of ourselves we’ll examine forever, always hoping the raw truth of our past can unlock the door to our best possible future. Those familiar with the challenge and reward of self-examination value the work of raconteurs who spin regular experiences like childhood bullying into rich, comedic, thought-provoking tales that offer a “new” perspective on growing up.

Madden-Connor’s work is not this because, in many ways, Ochre Ellipse #3 goes far above good storytelling and truly defies expectation. This is not just a new version of a familiar story, one that weaves the author’s own carefully-wrought wisdom into ordinary chaos, ending with catharsis. Such methods are, in a way, predictable. We have learned through experience to anticipate the work’s summary final sentence that says it all and gives absolution to past events. With this comic, something else happens. Madden-Connor structures the story so creatively that it offers the reader a really rich experience through empathy.

Ochre Ellipse #3 asks the reader to accept a completely new idea about how a person might return to their childhood for answers — one that has nothing to do with analysis and acceptance of the past — and in doing so, finds other interesting ways of making its point about youth, memory and nostalgia.

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