Three #1 Edited by Robert Kirby

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Three #1
Edited by Robert Kirby

Three orange cover FINALWEBRobert Kirby‘s Three anthology collects comics from three queer creators in one wonderful, concise book.  The first issue showcases work from Kirby, Eric Orner and Joey Alison Sayers. The stories are true, fictional, funny, sobering and educational.  Everybody has their own thing to say and that’s great.  I like anthologies like this and MOME that let creators loose and don’t restrict them to one topic.  The diverse styles and subjects build a conversation instead of blasting a statement, and that experience appeals to me most as a reader.

While still an infant in its first issue, I get the impression that Three will always have a place on its pages for queer creators writing whatever they feel like, with queer themes coming up and being addressed or not from time to time.  It’s just nice to know that because it’s queer-driven, it’s also queer-friendly — like much of indie comics, really, but more obvious.

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