Interview: Theo Ellsworth

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Theo Ellsworth pulls his book out of a manila envelope and sets it on the table. “Officially it went on sale October 6th–the day I came back.” Theo has just returned to Portland from the Small Press Expo in Maryland. His publisher, Secret Acres, brought him out there for the book release. “I also did a reading in Baltimore with Jesse Reklaw and five or six other cartoonists.”

A performance of sorts, one-panel projected on the wall, Theo read all the voices and used a hand-held recorder to playback sound effects. “Before I left New York, I helped my publishers ship pre-orders.”

He unwraps an autumnal colored scarf and unbuttons his jacket. His green T-shirt draws my attention, a print of Sesame Street’s Bert with a third eye. Theo wears a groomed beard, short cropped hair. His features are delicate and birdlike.

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