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“It’s like Beatlemania,” answers Noel Fielding, smiling. “I don’t really understand. They screamed for like five minutes. We were just stand there, going, ‘what should we do?’ “ It’s The Mighty Boosh’s second day of their first-ever US tour, and the welcome thus far has been warm–and then some.

Last night, Fielding and cohort Julian Baratt played to a packed Bowery Ballroom. What had been billed as a “secret show” had ended up anything but, with a line of eager and sporadically costumed fans stretching literally around the block. Today is a non-stop gaunlet of interviews for the duo, who at the moment look as if they gotten a single hour of sleep between them.

There are scheduling conflicts and late arrivals and a Jimmy Fallon appearance that’s less than an hour away—a downright whirlwind for stars of the BBC by way of the Cartoon Network series. For me that means roughly three minutes of interview time to record a bit for my podcast, PCMag After Hours. But it gets done, and, in spite of everything, Fielding still pulses with the charm that defines his onscreen counterpart, Vince Noir.

We discuss Comic Con, Dan Clowes, and Barratt’s downright astounding cooking skills. Check out a transcript–and video–of the interview, after the jump.

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