Guest Strip: Simon M

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simonmtzSimon M is a boy in a man costume who lives in Bristol, in Britain. Although having drawn and written stories for most of his early life, he put his pens and pencils aside in favor of imagining how one day he would write bedroom pop symphonies for, and on behalf of, all the quiet people. He never did write anything, but did play the same bits of the same song over and over again enough to drive his cohorts, companions, friends and loved ones to distraction. Happily, though, he rediscovered his love of comics, writing and illustration in early 2007, simultaneously learning about self-publication and the world of small-press zines and comics.

Smoo Comics is his semi-autobiographical, self-published comic that comes out as-and-when he can muster the time, patience and friends to help him put it all together. Although issue #1 is now out of print, issue #2 – in which he worries about time and growing old – is due out in December 2009 and will be available at carefully selected shops (i.e. whoever will stock it), by emailing Simon directly, or by visiting his blog for details.

As with any other self-respecting procrastinator, he has one million and one other projects planned including paintings, illustrations, zines and other ephemera. The progress of these, as well as bits of sketchbooks, the odd review and general paraphernalia, can be followed on his blog. He also has a Twitter feed for up to the minute news and announcements.

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