Guest Strip: Simon Moreton

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SimonMCrosshatch12Simon Moreton is a cartoonist and zine maker living in Bristol, UK. He has been writing, drawing and self-publishing comics since 2007. To date, he has released three issues of his semi-autobiographical comic zine Smoo and a bunch of other minicomics and zines. Smoo #4 will be out later this year.

Along with fellow guest-stripper Nick Soucek, Simon is also one half of Things in Panels, a joint publishing venture. In May 2011, Things in Panels published its first title, an Indie-Go-Go funded newsprint anthology called The Sorry Entertainer. This black and white, tabloid sized newspaper featured contributions from Jarod Rosello, Noah Van Sciver, Sam Spina, Rob Jackson, and Brad Foster amongst others. He thinks it’s pretty awesome.

In July 2011, Simon launched Better, Drawn, a website where readers can share their experiences of living with long-term mental or physical illnesses in the form of short comics. In addition to this project, Simon and Nick, along with a group of illustrators, comics artists and writers based the South-West, also collectively founded the Bristol-based Bear Pit Zine. Bear Pit #2 will be released later this summer.

Simon’s current series, The Escapologist, is a gentle, abstract comic dealing with the lightness and the weight of things (it also has some pretty pictures in it). The first issue was released in May 2011, and you can read the first three pages HERE. Issue 2 will be out very soon.

Simon and Nick will be appearing at the Thought Bubble Sequential Arts Festival in Leeds, UK November 2011.

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