Guest Strip: Noah Van Sciver

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noah2tzCirca 2008, Noah Van Sciver emerged from nothingness to mild obscurity when his comic series Blammo caught the attention of several notable comics blogs, including this one.  Now, two years later, he’s just released his sixth and best issue of Blammo.  In it, “Chicken Strips” becomes almost tolerable.  I know.  You have to see it to believe it, folks.

Van Sciver looks forward to releasing his next mini-comic called Noah Novella with Grimalkin Press and continues to work on The Hypo, a much anticipated comic about everyone’s favorite president, Abraham Lincoln.

He maintains two websites, two facebook pages, and one secret family in Celebration, Florida.  Sorry, Van Sciver, the truth is out on you.

But seriously folks, send this guy some money.  Secret families don’t get fed on gratis guest strips alone.  BUY!

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