Comic Shop Focus: Quimby’s Chicago, IL

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“I feel like we do have a good comic community here,” answers the bearded, wire-rimmed cashier in the airbrushed tiger shirt. “There are a lot of artists. It’s kind of weird how it all comes together in Chicago.” Logan Bay is in good company, at the moment, seated behind Quimby’s front desk, flanked from above by a pair of signs hand-painted by local cartooning genius, Chris Ware.

The one directly above his head is the now-familiar image the store has since adopted as a logo, a Siamese-split Quimby Mouse torn between a blank-faced red book and that general sense of ennui that permeates so much of Ware’s work. A fitting representation, perhaps of the dual Quimbies now forever joined at the hip in this store front on Chicago’s North Avenue.

First there was the Boston Quimby, a magazine launched in 1985, by one Steven Svymbersky, related in no perceivable manner beyond, perhaps, the cosmically synchronous, to the schizophrenic mouse that would be created half a country and decade away by University of Texas at Austin student, Ware. Through the unique brand of serendipity that only seems to occur in magical lands like Chicago, however, both would converge midway at the beginning of the next decade.

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