The Daily Rock Hatch: The Mythbusters

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Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman share what is arguably the greatest geek job on the planet. Sure it’s a bit of an overstatement to suggest that they blow up stuff for a living—but just a bit. The duo’s expertise in the art of special effects landed them a gig on basic cable wherein they deconstruct popular myths in the most exciting—and fun—manner possible.

Suffice to say, the show, which exists at a crossroads between an appreciation of science and a general love of explosions, has taken off in a huge way amongst the geek set, a fact the Discovery Channel happily capitalized upon with a huge promotional push at this year’s Comic Con. It was hard to work more than a few feet on the showroom floor without spotting a slew of giant Mythbusters swag bags.

During the show, we had the opportunity to chat up the duo in Savage’s hotel suite, to get their impressions of this whole comic book thing.

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