2008 Year in Review with Tom Spurgeon Pt. 1 [of 2]

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Sure it seems a bit early to get nostalgic about 2008—and heck, judging from the past 12 months, it seems a fairly safe bet that this year isn’t likely to considered a font of great memories for decades to come—but still, what would December be without a slew of year-end recaps?  Last year we spoke to The Beat’s Heidi MacDonald to help The Cross Hatch in welcoming in the new year. This time we’ve tapped a fellow industry veteran and highly regarded comics blogger, Tom Spurgeon.

These days Spurgeon is best known as the principle—and, really, sole—driving force behind the frequently updated and massively authoritative site, The Comics Reporter. Spurgeon also did time on the print side of the media equation, having worked as both the executive and managing editor of Fantagraphics’ The Comics Journal. He’s also the co-author of Stan Lee and the Rise and Fall of the American Comic Book and creator himself, having penned the short-lived Wildwood strip for King Features.

We sat down with Spurgeon to recap the 2008 and toss out wild predictions for 2009—naturally we spent the vast majority of our time together wallowing in recession freak out mode.

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