Guest Strip: Nick Soucek

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nickstzNick started his online comic Misinterpreted Complications just over a year ago primarily as a means of keeping himself off the streets and out of trouble.  His preferred artistic medium had been painting on canvas or found bits of wood, but he now enjoys the immediacy of the comic form — not to overlook, of course, the readiness of paper and pens for portability.

When he isn’t fabricating nostalgia for a time he never knew, he can either be found getting his hands filthy digging and dreaming in various allotments around Bristol or unnecessarily tinkering with — and otherwise making his way around the city on — a squiggly handle-barred bicycle,  all while procrastinating from, or alternatively pretending to do, his post-graduate studies.  It is perhaps not a surprise, therefore, that contemplating vaguely introspective comics fits well into Nick’s emerging milieu.

MisComp is updated on a roughly weekly basis. A self-published “best of the first year” is available now, in made-to-order paperback or hardcover. Email him ( for details.

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