The Cross Hatch Dispatch – 6.8.11

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[Above, D&Q staff evidently spend A LOT of time discussing hottie cartoonists up in their office. Below, Cross Hatch staff spend an awful lot of time talking about how nice you all are. Really!]

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The Cross Hatch Dispatch – 4.28.2011

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[Above Lars expresses himself in the third dimension, below the Dispatch lines up your weekend.]

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Self Publishing with Lars Martinson: Parts 1-8 [of 8]

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Here it is folks (finally!) — the complete “How to Self-Publish a Graphic Novel in 8 Hard Steps” presentation as delivered by Tōnoharu creator and Xeric winner Lars Martinson at the 2010 Graphic Novel Writing & Illustrating Conference sponsored by the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, MN. Thanks, as always, for your patience.

I’d deliver my own “How to Video Edit and Serialize a Slide Show Presentation in 8 Hard Months” but it would just sound like whining.

Here’s a LINK to first installment with details on the program. You’ll find the videos for steps 1-8 below the jump.

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Guest Strip: Lars Martinson

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larstzLars Martinson grew up in a little suburb of Minneapolis on beautiful Walnut Street.  His childhood was idyllic and he grew up strong and happy.  Then, he got into comic books…

In college, he studied design, which may account for his lovely self-published books Tonoharu and Young Men of a Certain Mind.

Martinson taught English through the JET Program and returned to Japan a few years later on a Monbusho Scholarship to study East Asian Calligraphy.

In 2007, he won an enormous sum from the Xeric Foundation which he used to self-publish Tonoharu: Part 1Tonoharu: Part 2 came out in 2010 and the story will continue in parts 3-4 sometime in the future.  Look forward to it!

Follow the adventures of Lars Martinson on Twitter and his blog.  Buy his comics books on Amazon or direct from the author using his online store.

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Danno Klonowski on the Rain Taxi Book Fest

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Minneapolis is a great place for comics. Have I said that enough?

Last weekend, two of our best festivals fell on the same date.  For one day only you could attend either the Rain Taxi Book Festival or FallCon.  Pretty good for the people of Minneapolis.  Pretty tough for cartoonists wanting to exhibit at both shows.

The exodus from FallCon this year was substantial — at least ten indie cartoonists went to the Book Festival instead of FallCon.  By all accounts, this year’s FallCon was the best yet.  It’s still a great show, but decidedly more mainstream, which is why more cartoonists are spending money for space at Book Fest instead of enjoying the free tables and wonderful hospitality at FallCon.

No hard feelings, FallCon.  Sometimes a cartoonist just needs to get out and try new things.  Experiment a little.  Test a new market.  And they did.  So how was it?

Danno Klonowski, Minneapolis cartoonist and prominent International Cartoonist Conspiracy member, was kind enough to write us a little something about his experience exhibiting for the first time at the Rain Taxi Book Festival.  Full particulars after the cut.

— SM

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Self-Publishing with Lars Martinson: Part 1 of 8

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How to Self-Publish a Graphic Novel in 8 Hard Steps / Part 1 from Sarah Morean on Vimeo.

Last weekend I attended the Graphic Novel Writing & Illustrating Conference sponsored by the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, MN.  This was a day-long event featuring Gene Yang as the keynote speaker and two break-out sessions where attendees could learn anything from caricature drawing to poetry as comics to the basics of webcomics and writing for comics.

The first session I attended was aptly titled “How to Self-Publish a Graphic Novel in 8 Hard Steps” delivered by Lars Martinson.

I first discovered Martinson’s work when I was just getting into comics.  His mini-comic Young Men of a Certain Mind was beautifully executed and among the first nice-looking self-published books I had ever seen.  I believe it even inspired some fan mail.

Later, in 2008, Martinson self-published a book called noharu Part 1 using a large sum of money he acquired from the Xeric Foundation.  He wrote this presentation based on his experience as a self-publisher, and it was hands-down the most useful and realistic discussion of the pros and cons of self-publishing that I have ever heard.

I recorded audio during the presentation and Lars supplied the open office document.  I have blended the two for your edification and enjoyment and will post all eight parts as individual films in the coming weeks.  Today, I give you Step 1: Draw Comics for 10 Years.

[PARTS 2-3]

Sarah Morean