Episode 011: Live From King Con

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[Photo by Sarah Glidden.]

Saturday November 6th 2010 will surely go down as one of the most important moments in comics history—the day we recorded the first-ever live version of the Cross Hatch Podcast. The event occurred on the third floor of the Brooklyn Lyceum, a cold and cavernous space, as part of the second annual King Con.

The hosts of the show were Alex and myself—Sarah, sadly, was too cheap to fly in from Minneapolis for a 50 minute-long panel. R. Sikoryak, Lisa Hanawalt, and Julia Wertz joined us for the discussion.

What unfolded was a hilarious trainwreck of a faux quiz show, tackling subjects from the Sunday funnies, to the smell of Subway sandwich shops, to far, far darker fare.

We’ve labeled the panel “Explicit,” because, while we’ve bleeped out most of the swears, there’s still some subject matter that might offend.

So, please enjoy arguably the single greatest moment in comics history, again and again, like so many commemorative plates.

Cross Hatch Podcast 011 [CLICK TO LISTEN]