Lunch Break 1.5.2011

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Lunch Break is a short round-up of favorite webcomics appearing here each weekday at noon. Here’s something for you to enjoy over your lunch break or whenever. The premise is simple: it’s another day on the internet. Here’s a new or forgotten comic that seems interesting. Have something to recommend? Email us:

  1. The Complete Poorly Drawn Animals by Joshua Hale Fialkov // 2003-2004
  2. Judge Parker by Woody Wilson and Eduardo Barreto // December 19, 2010
  3. Look at the Pretty Pony by Mari Ahokoivu // December 19, 2010
  4. no. 057 – @theresa_lauren by Twaggies // April 25, 2010
  5. R R H by Katie Skelly // December 12, 2010

Sarah Morean

Nurse Nurse #1-2 by Katie Skelly

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Nurse Nurse #1-2
by Katie Skelly
Calico Comics

Current global tensions heightened by the human population crisis, the Ug99 epidemic, and Pixar’s latest creation WALL-E (arguably) set a suitable backdrop for Katie Skelly‘s lovely yet eerie futuristic comic series Nurse Nurse.

The year is 3030 and Earth has already met its maximum capacity. Humans are migrating to the interplanetary limits and living in artificial conditions just to avoid extinction. Unfortunately, some of these pioneers became poised by their new environments – so Earth sent out a circuit of hot nurses to rescue civilization!

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