Contest Update :: WE HAVE A WINNER!

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Congratulations to Aron Nels Steinke who correctly guessed our mystery cartoonist! It was in fact MIKE DAWSON, he of Ink Panthers and Troop 142 Fame.

Aron was just the third person to respond with an answer to our contest — and it was the right answer!  I admit, I was pretty stunned.  I thought this would take awhile.  Aron says:

Well, I just do lots of people watching when I do conventions. I for some reason noticed Mike Dawson walking around all over the place and each time I took note of how dark his outfit was and that his bag was black as well. I too wear lots of black and when I saw the photo I thought, that has to be him. I don’t know him and nobody tipped me off. I was just lucky that I noticed him. I’m a creepy observer.

Aron Nels Steinke: He’s watchin’ you. And winnin’ stuff.  Congratulations again, Aron!

Please check out Mike Dawson’s Troop 142 comic online and in print this fall from Secret Acres.  Also subscribe to his wonderful podcast The Ink Panthers Show! which he produces with Alex Robinson.

Check out Aron Nels Steinke’s Neptune (which will be available in French next year) and Balloon Toons: Super Duper Dog Park due out this fall from Blue Apple Books.

Sarah Morean