Interview: Dan Piraro Pt. 2 [of 2]

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In this second part of our MoCCA-based interview with the Bizarro artist, we discuss the influence of Gary Larson, the horrors of writing a funny strip during a year-long divorce, and how one turns a syndicated comic into a successful one-man entertainment revue.

[Part One]
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Interview: Dan Piraro Pt. 1 [of 2]

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For the past quarter century, something strange has been unfolding in the comic pages of newspapers across the country—something called Bizarro. Dan Piraro began the single-paneled semi-absurdist strip nearly 25 five years ago, when the landscape of syndicated comics was largely dominated by unfunny animals—a motif, which, sadly, has largely gone unchanged.

All these years later, Bizarro remains one of the last bastions for interesting and genuinely hilarious comics in the funny pages. The strip is syndicated to more than 350 papers, though, as Piraro will be the first to admit, is a bit hard to come by in his home town of New York. That said, the artist has no trouble drawing fans out during signings at MoCCA, or while performing his one-man music/comedy piece, “The Bizarro Baloney Show.”

We sat down with Piraro this weekend to talk about conventions, editors, and why Kansas City doesn’t always appreciate a good abortion joke.
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