Future Space by Mark Velard

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Future Space
by Mark Velard
Refractor Industries


If you think beyond your five year plan, do you have any idea what will happen in the future?

I ask because I’m beginning to see a pattern in the minis I receive.  Between Utu, Ochre Ellipse #3 and now Mark Velard‘s Future Space, cartoonists are describing with alarming regularity a future that is awfully bleak.  Just starting to wish I had a few more options to choose from.

These books all take place in a world where people are just lonely individuals pressing buttons for pleasure.  Not to say I wouldn’t fit in there (read: I love you, Internet), but apparently someone burned all the books and trees too.  At least, those objects of our modern society are nowhere on the page.  Bummer, right?

If that were really the case, who wouldn’t retreat into technology if it offered some semblance of what we lost?

Future Space develops this idea to its extreme, exploring a future where digital convenience becomes more than a distraction.  It’s a way of life.

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