Guest Strip: Andrew Lorenzi

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lorenzitzAndrew Lorenzi is what I’d call an internet success story. I first encountered his wide-eyed enthusiasm for indie comics on, believe it or not, the Brian Michael Bendis message board. He’d messed around with comics in the past, but something about the indie press struck a cord with Lorenzi, and he began drawing more and more. For himself, at first, and for a few friends, but when he began regularly publishing jam comics and autobio comics on his livejournal a few years back, it seemed like the red carpet rolled out before him. Encouraged by other fans and cartoonists on lj (a shocking force, really), he developed his current style. Lorenzi’s comics are often sad reflections, twinged with humor, pop-culture, and total modesty.  He recently published his first, long-awaited mini-comic, which is only available to those who pester him enough for a copy.

It’s with great pleasure that I reveal to you, if for the first time, an example of his work, made just for us at the Cross Hatch.

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