Lunch Break 2.4.2011

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Kelly Webster is a librarian, tweets as AnzacMonster, and has given us links to five of her favorite webcomics for today’s Lunch Break.

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Lunch Break is a short round-up of favorite webcomics appearing here each weekday at noon. Here’s something for you to enjoy over your lunch break or whenever. The premise is simple: it’s another day on the internet. Here’s a new or forgotten comic that seems interesting. Have something to recommend? Email us:

  1. Yet Another Moral Dilemma! by Nomi Kane // April 13, 2010
  2. “I Should Totally Have a Baby” from Sticky Comics by Christiann MacAuley // December 11, 2010
  3. Werebears and Only Children by Jennifer Barrett // December 31, 2010
  4. How I Came to Work at the Wendy’s by Nick St. John // date unknown
  5. Shams, Scams, and Blind Faith by Ellen Lindner // 2008

Sarah Morean

Undertow by Ellen Lindner

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by Ellen Lindner
Little White Bird

undertowI read self-published books in public all the time, but it’s been ages since a stranger openly read over my shoulder because they were so interested in the page.  I think that experience bodes well for Ellen Lindner‘s black-and-white comic book Undertow.

Within the first dozen pages, the book’s heroine, Rhonda, has a life-changing experience.  She spends the rest of the book recovering from it.

Drugs, gang rivalries and poverty litter this story of a girl whose best friend was taken from her far too soon in life.  And no matter how smart Rhonda is, she can’t move on and out of Brooklyn’s 1960s slums, without coming to terms with what’s happened to her and her friend Estelle.

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