An (Extremely Brief) Interview With Chris Onstad

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My PCMag coworker Kyle Monson and I recently launched a new podcast for our day jobs called After Hours. Each week’s episode focuses on a different issue in the world of consumer electronics. Last week, in honor of Book Expo America 2009 coming to our fair city, we took a swing at the world of ebooks and the future of print publishing.

Among the guests on that week’s show were Paul Armstrong of the fantastic (and utterly terrifying) Twitter feed, TheMediaisDying; The Onion’s features editor, Joe Garden; and Achewood mastermind, Chris Onstad.

Onstad and I discussed print vs. Webcomics, wordy text bubbles, and why the author doesn’t really care about the Kindle. Check out the full text of the interview, after the jump. You can also check out the latest episode of PCMag After Hours here.
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