You Don’t Get There From Here #5 by Carrie McNinch

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You Don’t Get There From Here #5
by Carrie McNinch

I’ve heard plenty of people say that diary comics are passé. The world has seen enough of them to know they can be dull and irritating. People are sick of diary comics because when it comes down to it they don’t care about your morning routine, where you buy shampoo, how much you love your cats, or what your stupid friends say to make you laugh.

But that’s just one perspective.

If you ask me, I’d tell you truly that I still like them a whole lot and here’s why: secrets. A cartoonist may be careful and guarded, trying their best not to seem as lame, but eventually they’ve got to hand the reader some private piece of information. In the end, it’s just too difficult to try and sound awesome every day, and I read for the day when they finally crack. It’s scary, but true. Diary comics are worth picking through, if only for the day the cartoonist decides they’ve got to reveal they secretly love their best friend’s girlfriend. Or they accidentally ran over a neighbor’s dog. Or they shot heroin with celebrities. It’s when they fill volumes with revealing anecdotes that you get really lucky. You might even be looking at a future Ivan Brunetti or Jeffrey Brown.

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