Manny + Bigfoot by Meghan Hogan

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Manny + Bigfoot
by Meghan Hogan
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mannyThis weird and beautiful little comic is as interesting to touch as it is to read.

Maybe you can recall a few years back when elephant dung paper first hit the market.  From the buzz, I thought Mr. Ellie Poo’s paper would be in use all over the place, but Manny + Bigfoot is the first mini I’ve seen made with the stuff.

Poop as paper inspires an odd fascination, but also a whoop of joy from environmentalists and animal lovers.  As noted by the Huffington Post, “…a tenth of the mere 40,000 Asian elephants worldwide live in Sri Lanka, where they’re killed due to their interference with agriculture. There’s no major ivory trade, and Sri Lankans don’t eat elephant meat, so the sole factor that elephants are being exterminated is because they’re a nuisance.”  In other words, having its poop harvested for paper is one way an elephant becomes a useful member of society.  If only it was that easy for the rest of us.

As a vegan bicycle commuter, Meghan Hogan (of the Good Minnesotans) regularly acts on her good conscience, so it’s no surprise that her book Manny + Bigfoot leans the same direction.  It might feel strange to touch a page made of poo, but take the risk.  Her the story has a sweet expression, wonderful colors, and even a touch of mystery.

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