Your Disease Spreads Quick & Brilliantly Ham-Fisted by Tom Neely

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Your Disease Spreads Quick & Brilliantly Ham-Fisted
By Tom Neely

tomneelyyourdiseasecoverWith The Blot, Tom Neely created one of the best graphic novels of 2007. It was weird and wonderful—surrealist and terrifying and strangely hopeful, all at the same time. Neely’s artwork ably straddled the line between the comfortably familiar and the compellingly new, with a largely wordless story that managed to draw readers in while leaving nearly everyone who read it with vastly varying interpretations of the author’s intentions.

Neely, thankfully, has seen fit to waste little time after the release of The Blot, crafting two minis—both aesthetically pleasing books that maintain the author’s careful attention to quality packaging. Of course, referring to either or both as Neely’s follow up to The Blot would, perhaps, be overstating their importance. They are instead well-made convention sales fodder for the artist and a much-welcomed stop-gap for those of us eagerly awaiting Neely’s next major release.

Created in conjuction with the recently released Melvins box set, (a) Senile Animal, Your Disease Spreads Quick is inspired—at best—very loosely by the sludge metal band, which is to say that, like the best pieces of art, it borrows from the group only enough to create a jumping off point for its own independent statement, one that, if The Blot was indeed a proper indication, is undeinably Neely.

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