Interview: Archie Comics EIC Victor Gorelick Pt. 2 [of 2]

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In this second and final part of our interview with the Archie Comics editor-in-chief, we discuss the dramatic character change that was the recent “New Look” series, Jughead’s mother’s nose, and fighting robots.

[Part One]

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Interview: Archie Comics EIC Victor Gorelick Pt. 1 [of 2]

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Over the past 50-plus years, Victor Gorelick has held nearly every position imaginable at Archie Comics. In 2007, the company’s one-time art assistant was named its editor-in-chief. Now 68, the Brooklyn native continues to be the lead editorial voice for America’s oldest high school students.

To the casual onlooker, not much appears to have changed about the Riverdale gang over the past five decades. To Gorelick, however, evolving the characters to fit the ever-changing times has proven a delicate balance—an attempt to maintain those qualities that have made them perennial favorites, whilst adapting them for changing fashions, technologies, and social attitudes.

We spoke to Gorelick about the successes—and failures—of keeping one of comics’ most beloved franchises forever young.

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Kids Comic Con 2009: An Interview With Alex Simmons

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“I connect the dots,” explains Alex Simmons, smiling, pressing his hands together for emphasis. The artist, decked in a large, attention-grabbing Hawaiian shirt is a self-described conduit in this community—a tough point to argue as I attempt to pull him aside for five quick minutes with my tape recorder. No one ever said it would be easy to interview the most popular guy in the room.

There’s bustling activity in ever corner of Colston Hall’s lower level, a cafeteria-like setting, which is host to Bronx Community College’s Kids Comic Con. Simmons, a writer for Archie Comics, is the event’s patron saint.

The single day comics convention is not the largest any stretch the imagination, but it may just be the one with the most heart. Held on the Bronx Community College campus—New York University’s former University Heights location—the eight hour event affords children aged 17 and under the opportunity to mingle with creators and hone their own comics making skills in a setting devoid of other conventions’ numerous adult trappings. It’s a rare chance to educate kids and parents alike about the wonders of the comics medium.

After trailing him around through countless handshakes and business card exchanges, we finally managed to pull Simmons aside for a few questions about the KCC.

[Kids Comic Con Flickr Set.]

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