Interview: Andy Runton

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The recent much welcome resurgence of comics for kids has, for better of worse, largely been based around the reappropriation of existing franchises. On a whole, the books have been focused on expanding the exposure of characters developed for other mediums, rather than the development of all new ones.

The clearest exception to this rule has arguably been Andy Runton’s Owly. The artist describes his little owl as ‘iconic’—not so much to overstate his market saturation, but rather to point out his instant recognizability. Spotting Runton seated at the Top Shelf booth during a convention, it’s hard to argue the point.

The artist is surround not only by Owly t-shirts and stuffed animals—something of a strange sight amongst the publisher’s usual selection of goods—there’s also a constant stream of young children and parents waiting to shake his hand or receive a drawing of Runton’s little owl in the front cover of his latest adventure.

We caught up with Runton to discuss cartoon spinoffs, ninjas, and how his career as a computer programmer lead to the creation of indie comics’ most famous little owl.
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