My Alaskan Summer by Corinne Mucha

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My Alaskan Summer
by Corinne Mucha
Maidenhousefly Comics

Bless the Xeric Grant. Without it, what would have happened to Corinne Mucha‘s adorable travelogue? At 96 pages, it’s too long to be a self-published mini and it lacks a main thesis that would draw in a publisher. Still, the sweet, meandering drawings and stories are too good to lay forgotten in some sketchbook. With Mucha’s unique multimedia mode of design, cultivated illustration style and quirky storytelling voice, the Xeric seems to have been the perfect backer to print this lovely book.

My Alaskan Summer is the sort of book I always expect to see rolling from the Xeric-funded presses but rarely do. The Xeric Foundation is a great resource for cartoonists whose work deserves attention in the world of indie comics, those who don’t need the design assistance of a publishing house, and for projects that are too ambitious to meet hand-made mini standards. However, Xerics are often awarded to small potatoes productions and saddle-stitched operations as well as truly outstanding books, so in this case it’s important to make the distinction that here is a book truly in-line with the fund’s core vision and this is one artist in particular you should notice. The result of these combined efforts is something markedly indie and personal and funny and thick and hopefully en route to your local comic book store: Mucha’s My Alaskan Summer.

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