Happy Birthday, Cross Hatch!

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The Daily Cross Hatch turns four years old today.

Happy Birthday, Cross Hatch

MIX 2011 Dates Announced

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That’s right! The next Minneapolis Indie Xpo will take place over two days in 2011 on November 5-6. Our venue will stay the same. So please join us that weekend at The Soap Factory in Minneapolis for two days of indie comics fun.

Our show in 2011 will be partially curated by Minnesotans. To learn more about this opportunity, please read the MIX News page. LINK

Sarah Morean

Hey Chicago! Cross Hatch Meetup #1

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Hard to believe, but in the three years and change that the Cross Hatch has existed, we’ve never had an official meetup. Sure, we’ve sponsored plenty of events, done our fair share of hanging out, and then there’s that upcoming live episode of the Cross Hatch Podcast, but we’ve yet actually host an official meetup.

We’re finally ready to address this grave oversight. On Saturday, November 13th, Sarah and I are holding the first-ever Cross Hatch meetup in Chicago, IL. We’ll be celebrating indie comics, the Windy City, drinking, and the fact that we’re all rarely in the same time zone at the same time.

We’ll be meeting up around 8:30 at the California Clipper on 1002 N. California Ave. The place comes highly recommended by some locals. Also, there will be ghosts.

The Daily Cross Hatch at King Con 2010

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Hey all, as previously noteed, I was recruited to curate programming for the second annual King Con at the Brooklyn Lyceum. There will be plenty of great panels over the course of the weekend (Chris Claremont and Jonathan Ames, for starters), but for the dual sakes of brevity and self-promotion, here is a quick list of where you’ll be able to catch me on November 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th.

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I am the Co-Director For the Second Annual King Con

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What does that entail, precisely? I’m still in the process of figuring that out, but for starters it means offering up my decidedly myopic knowledge of the comic book world, primarily to help curate programming for this year’s event—panels and the like.

Last year’s event was, by nearly all accounts, an enjoyable and welcome event—even in the already crowded world of New York comic shows (here’s a thing I wrote about it). This year the show is straddling the line, both figuratively and literally.

Literally in the sense that this year’s King Con falls on November 6th and 7th, right smack in between New York Comic Con and the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival (also in its second year), and figuratively, in that the show caters to independent and mainstream comics fans alike. The first announced guest is Chris Claremont, after all—even a jaded indie fan such as myself gets a bit giddy at the prospect of meeting the guy who wrote “The Dark Phoenix Saga.”

For that reason, the show will be a new challenge for me, after having been involved in the paneling for MoCCA and the first annual Minneapolis Indie Expo, two decidedly indie-focused shows.

The show is also a celebration of local talents—any thankfully, there’s are plenty to choose from in Brooklyn and the other four boroughs. Heck, we might even go outside, if people’s travel budgets allow it.

Only in its second year, the show lacks the name recognition of MoCCA, and my timeline for helping to curate is significantly shorter, but we’ve already begun assembling talent, and there are a lot of panels in the works that I’m genuinely excited to announce.

Keep checking back for more info on the days and weeks to come. There’s a far more official sounding press release after the jump.


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Return to ComicSpace.com

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Somewhere in the back of my hipster brain an alarm went off.  Seemed like ComicSpace.com (someone’s answer to MySpace.com back in its heyday) had been silent too long.  It was due for a comeback.  Or something.

Checked the site today and look what I found:


ComicSpace.com as it appears today

What could this mean? And do you care?

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The First Annual International Read Comics in Public Day

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You love comics, the images, the words—the limitless artistic and storytelling potential. Why, then, is it so hard to express that affection sometimes? We’ve all likely been there at some point—maybe on a bus or in an academic setting or on a first date. We’ve all had a moment when, for something has held us back, not allowing us to tell the world.

Why is that, exactly? Comics have made their way into libraries and institutions of higher learning everywhere. Comics are regularly highlighted in publications like The New Yorker and The New York Times. A comic book has even won a Pulitzer. But yet, for some reason, when we find ourselves cracking one open in a public setting, we invariably anticipate the sideways glances and snickers of curious on-lookers wondering what a grownup is doing reading a funny book.

It’s time to smash that stigma, friends. In other words, as a great man once put it, “it’s clobberin’ time.”

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Remembering Harvey Pekar

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[Updated, 7.13.10 11:32 EST.]

As I mentioned earlier, I hope to get my own thoughts and feelings on Harvey Pekar’s life—and passing—on paper later today. There will be enough cut-and-paste tributes to the man in the days to come. The last thing I want to do is add to that glut.

Of course, it should be pointed out that the fact that stories have been pouring in from every news outlet large and small is a testament to just how great his influence was, particularly from an era when independent comics were, at best, a mainstream curiosity.

So, while I struggle to pen something longer, I’ll let some of my cartoonists friends do the talking for me. I’ve asked a number of artists and industry professionals to send in their thoughts, memories, and condolences.

If you’re a cartoonist who would like to add his or her thoughts or art to the list, please send me a note at dailycrosshatch@gmail.com. We continue to add to the post as long as people keep sending stuff in.

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We’ll Miss You Harvey

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Harvey Pekar died early this morning in his home in Cleveland Heights.  There’s virtually no one in this community who wasn’t well acquainted with the man and his work. Over the past few years, I’ve come to know Pekar personally. He’s been a big supporter of my writing since early on.

There’s plenty to say. At the moment, however, I’ve still processing things a bit. I promise to offer up something more substantial before the day is out. In the meantime, let’s celebrate all that he left us.

Announcing the Minneapolis Indie Xpo

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MIX-FlyerYou said you wanted a new kind of comics convention.  Something affordable.  In a place where you could sell books to people who care — and where you might actually make enough in sales to cover publishing and travel expenses.

As a convention planner, I’ve been listening.  As a creator, I’ve been taking notes.  And as a fan, I’m invested in keeping good creators present at shows.

Like my state’s most famous Senator once demonstrated, it’s not just enough to cover and criticize the system from your media high horse — sometimes you’ve got to get your hands dirty.  Although I’ve coordinated the Twin Cities Zinefest for the last few years, a comics show is a completely separate animal.  Zinesters kind of expect that a zine fest will have light foot traffic and next to no sales — enough past zine fests were quietly held in galleries, garages and impossible to describe found spaces that the zine community almost relishes the opportunity to remain obscure.  Although plenty of zinesters have evolved into properly published authors and journalists, many are content just to communicate their ideas and meet like-minded people.  Therefore, it’s relatively easy to throw a good zine show.  It is far less easy to throw a good comics show.

I’m working with a craft show coordinator to bring Minneapolis its first comics show — the Minneapolis Indie Xpo — which will be held on Saturday, August 21, 2010.  I hope you can come!  We’re working incredibly hard to make this show a success in its own right.  MIX isn’t just a copy-cat version of other shows, it’s got its own values and identity.

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