Brian Heater, Editor in Chief

Brian Heater is a writer/editor, located in New York City. He has covered music, technology, literature, and films for publications such as: Spin, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Press, The Onion, HEEB, The Oklahoma Gazette, The Santa Cruz Metro, Popmatters, PC Magazine, Laptop Magazine, Rockpile, Skyscraper, DIW, Amplifier, Aversion, and various other publications. He has co-created the following sites, Meh Blog, Stuff White People Liked, Simon and Garfunkel Minus Garfunkel, The Wake, Is Irony Dead, Things That Used to Terrify Me, Expired Jokes, and Eff You Cat. You can follow his senseless ramblings on Twitter.


  • The Daily Cross Hatch was created with the intention of spotlighting the absurd amount of talent currently toiling away in the world of alternative comics, and bringing into focus some of those artists attempting to break into this largely thankless field. Our goal to provide information in the form of news stories, interviews, reviews, and features, in order to keep fans a bit more connected into the goings on of this sometimes enigmatic field. We’re also attempting to keep things relatively ‘underground.’ We love tights and taglines as much as the next blog staff, but let’s face it, if that’s what you’re really looking for, there are more than a few places around to appease your needs.


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