The Cross Hatch Dispatch – 9.14.2011

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[Above, Dylan Williams will really be missed. Below, The Dispatch is grateful for the memories.]

  1. Tom Spurgeon is collecting the memories people have posted about Dylan Williams on The Comics Reporter.
  2. You can contribute your own memories of a really great man in the comments section here.
  3. SPX is getting bigger in 2012. Dan Clowes and Chris Ware big.
  4. Congratulations to Zander Cannon on being named the featured artist for Lutefisk Sushi Volume E!
  5. Congratulations to this year’s Ignatz winners!
  6. This week’s featured MIX exhibitor on MPLS.TV is JP Coovert!
  7. JP Coovert designs t-shirts for Target — this one could be yours! Just go to the store and buy it. It’s that easy.
  8. Speaking of Halloween, do you have your costume picked out? Is it an indie comic book character? Sure hope so because want you to win a PRIZE. Stay tuned.

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Sarah Morean

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