The Cross Hatch Dispatch – 8.31.2011

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  1. Thanks again, always, for reading comics in public.
  2. How did you honor Jack Kirby’s birthday?
  3. There is an art auction for Dylan Williams going on.
  4. Lynn Johnston recalls some memories of Charles Schulz.
  5. “When Ferzat was found by passersby on the capital’s airport road, his hands were the most badly injured, in a seeming attempt to silence his pen.”
  6. EVERYONE can go vote for who will be the next Lutefisk Sushi box set featured artist!  Polling ends on September 1st.
  7. Flooding in White River Junction.
  8. The 2011 SPX badges by Matthew Thurber are awesome!
  9. This week’s featured MIX exhibitor on MPLS.TV is Sam Hiti!
  10. I will be in Portland and Seattle on Thursday – Monday this week. What are the most fun things to do in either place? Tell me, please. I will be traveling with scientists. @ me if you want to meet for drinks and listen to them talk about methods and stuff. Except some of them will be computer scientists, one is a chemist, and I will only be posing as a library scientist so…just @ me if you want to participate in a very bad “walks into a bar” joke.
  11. Wow, Tom Neely really should draw Popeye.
  13. SPX! Thank you. What a lovely idea.
  14. What the what? Wacom, you so crazy.
  15. San Fransisco Zine Fest this weekend!

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