The Cross Hatch Dispatch – 8.24.2011

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[Above, James Sturm avoids a perfectly good pun. Below, the Dispatch just beeing itself.]

  1. James Sturm says it’s hard to cartoon for The New Yorker.
  2. Sparkplug Comic Books should run out of inventory if comics bloggers (and fans) have their way.
  3. International Read Comics in Public Day is sooooo happening on Sunday. Find a meet-up or make one of your own or just read outside alone!
  4. “The place of comic books at the cultural supper table has never been more secure.”
  5. This is neat, a list of publishers that still accept open submissions.
  6. Aron Nels Steinke would like your assistance in publishing Big Ideas #4.
  7. AW. Fan art from kids! More please.
  8. Save the date! CAKE is coming to Chicago on June 16-17, 2012.
  9. TCAF is ready to receive your applications for its 2012 show.
  10. This week’s featured MIX exhibitor on MPLS.TV is Anthony Clark!
  11. Dean Haspiel reads “Beef with Tomato” at BookCourt.
  12. Nominations close tomorrow for the Lutefisk Sushi E featured cartoonist spot. Nominees must live in, or have ties to, the state of Minnesota. (Tomorrow is also my mom’s birthday!)
  13. Dan Olson has been working on his project “Bret Blackberg and the Fifty State Tour saga” in 24-hour-comics-style sessions. He’ll work again this weekend, starting at Diamond’s Coffee Shoppe in Minneapolis if you’d like to say hello.
  14. I hope Kim Deitch is being serious.

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