The Cross Hatch Dispatch – 8.17.2011

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[Above, Tom Spurgeon is a survivor, we hope. Below, the Dispatch isn’t going to give up.]

  1. Now is a fine time to tell Tom Spurgeon how much you care.
  2. And also Dylan Williams.
  3. Lisa Hanawalt has seen that new film so many of the nerds are going “ape” over. HA HA HA.*
  4. Congratulations to Box Brown and the others nominated for the Philadelphia Geek Awards!
  5. It’s fun to hear Grant Morrison talk about the perception of geek culture in Scotland, among other things.
  6. Solipistic Pop, that wonderful British comics anthology, is trying to print a new issue and you can help!
  7. Do let us know if you’re planning a meet-up for Read Comics in Public Day so we can list you on the RCiPD site and Facebook page. I’ll make the event as RCiPD then make you admin so you can even change stuff and junk. It’s that simple.
  8. Chuck Forsman has created another hilarious mash-up poster. It’s going in and out of print like hot cakes though. Which is a bad mixed metaphor I guess and totally unlike a hilarious mash-up. Anyway, good luck getting one!
  9. We’ll begin to invite exhibitors from the MIX wait list in September. If you’re interested in exhibiting at the Minneapolis Indie Xpo and don’t yet have a space, please join the wait list!
  10. Art:21 recently interviewed Lilli Carre.
  11. Lilli Carre on a skateboard: The only skateboard you’ll ever need.
  12. Except there is also a Jason skateboard.
  13. And one from Jason Ott.
  14. Do tell Nicole J. Georges if you have her art tattooed upon you. She’ll be happy to know.
  15. If you see Tim Sievert at the Texas Bigfoot Conference you could buy some sweet Bigfoot portraits from him.
  16. Vincent “King Mini” Stall still draws with pencils and other fun news extracted from PUNY Entertainment about their permanent on-site art collection.
  17. Cartoonists living in — or with strong connections to — Minnesota can be nominated as the featured artist for Lutefisk Sushi E starting NOW. The nomination process ends on August 25th, then the voting will begin.
  18. This week’s featured MIX exhibitor on MPLS.TV is Tim Sievert!
  19. If you strike the wall down, ToonSeum will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
  20. Tables are now available for PIX: The Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo.
  21. Congratulations to Keith Knight, Jerry Craft and the rest who are up for a 2011 African American Literary award in the Comic Strip category!
  22. Christopher Butcher got a very important conversation started on Twitter.  Please chime in with your thoughts about what festivals can do to make things more profitable for artists.  I’M LISTENING.
  23. Meredith Gran and your mother know you shouldn’t just give out the milk for free.
  24. Leigh Walton is moving to Brooklyn.  Just a heads up so you know to start inviting him to your karaoke parties.
  25. Anders Nilsen will sign and discuss Big Questions at Magers & Quinn in Minneapolis on Thursday, August 18th, at 7:30pm.
  26. Sarah Oleksyk will sign and discuss Ivy at Meltdown Comics in LA on Saturday, August 20th, at 3pm.

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