The Cross Hatch Dispatch – 8.10.11

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[Above, future’s so bright kids have got to wear the world’s worst haircut. Below, the Dispatch has it made in the shade.]

  1. The City Pages Comix Issue for 2011 has hit the racks and the Internets.
  2. Remember when Kevin Cannon’s City Pages Comix Issue cover art/design for 2010 won some kind of award?
  3. One of my favorite early zinester/cartoonists talks about what it was like to self-publish in Minneapolis before the days of the Internet. The point was to perhaps, through your hard work, or picking up someone else’s hard work, connect with another like mind.
  4. Ladies and gentleman, The Smiths!
  5. Quimby’s has a podcast? Already it runs three episodes deep, yo.
  6. Start looking forward to the 2012 Chicago Zine Fest. The dates have been announced!
  7. You can apply to be an exhibitor at TCAF right now. Right now right now!
  8. Philly Alternative Comic Con is this weekend.
  9. Wizard World Chicago is this weekend.
  10. And yes I wish I could go to this. #nerdoutwithyourmisterpointyout
  11. YAY. It’s not like we’re chasing Batman down or anything. Shut up, quarterback! Your understatement is ruining it. YAY YAY YAY. Please life, just feel free to just get weirder and weirder.
  12. I agree that we should all be psyched for Turnstyle Comix #1. Punk Rock + Comics = Best Friends 4 Ever
  13. You can read the complete first chapter of Tyler Page’s Raised on Ritalin: A Medicated Memoir at his website.
  14. Let’s sell everything we’ve got, pool all of our resources, and save up to buy half of what Schulz’s property might be worth. Big finish: die happy.
  15. There is a Comics in Libraries Wiki. Outstanding!
  16. The new comics cookbook Just Add Ink has been released as an e-book and is also available for purchase online.
  17. Saveur Magazine is still running cooking comics and their latest comes from Vanessa Davis!
  18. This week’s featured MIX exhibitor on MPLS.TV is newbie Minneapolitan Nic Breutzman!
  19. The wedding ceremony of one cartoonist and his wife created enough fuss to drag this story from one snarky but lovable Regretsy editor — and now we all remember that the Internet is a safe place for no man. SIGH. Also, if you haven’t seen the lovely photos from their ceremony, you should. Congratulations to Brian and Sarah! Sorry everything got weird for a bit. Everyone cool knows it was a good idea and wishes they were there because it looks like funnnnnnnnnnn.
  20. Robin McConnell would like to set the record straight: he likes women, queer folk and mammals.
  21. Brian Heater’s bunny was in Times Square recently.
  22. Jonathan Bennett responds with the rest to Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” reminds us how much we all love Jonathan Bennett.
  23. Dustin Harbin will host the Ignatz this year. Like a motherfucking rock star, you can guess.
  24. Now you can get the entire classic webcomic series Poorly Drawn Animals by Joshua Hale Fialkov for free on the internet. Maybe you always could? I don’t know. I love this series.
  25. The wins and losses of Charlie Brown are few as demonstrated by Larry Granillo here.  But really his success should be measured in how he played the game.  Which is.  Surprisingly often.

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Sarah Morean

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  1. R M Rhodes | August 10th, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    In response to your concern about the lack of eating in and around SPX/North Bethesda, I made a Google Map of the place. It’s intended as a reference and I’ll be making a free print copy that I’ll hand out at the show. Just look for the man in the purple suit.

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