The Cross Hatch Dispatch – 7.28.11

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[Above, mural mural on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Below, it is the Dispatch. Of course.]

  1. Jon Thompson, Experience Director and Partner at Bolster Creative, brother to Craig Thompson, is nearly ready to unveil the mural Craig made for Bolster’s new Minneapolis North Loop office space. NEAT.
  2. This compliments the Lark Pien mural on the south side of Minneapolis, produced last spring for Sun Street Breads.
  3. Elio is having a comic page blowout sale! He’s just mad mad mad (about deals). Everything must go! Cheap cheap cheap! Do take advantage of him now before he becomes too smart for this $25 per page business.
  4. When will the madness end, Elio?  He’s also giving out free Okie Dokie Donuts postcards.  You know what I’ll give you for free?  A punch in the face.  Come claim your prize.
  5. Sarah Mirk says Portland is the best comic city in America.  It cuts a little, we all have our own hometown pride, but I won’t question it.
  6. Why would you do this?
  7. Yay! More fun cartoonist-made postcards from Chronicle. Now with more Hornschemeier.
  8. You say alien, I say zombie.  Potato potato.  Not a comic yet, but just you wait for it.
  9. Introducing the blog Uncovered Cover Art: A Sketchbook of Reimagined Children’s Books. They are looking for fans, industry folk and submissions.
  10. This week on MPLS.TV, the featured MIX exhibitor is Vincent Stall!
  11. On August 7th, Freaky Deeky will feature live reenactments of Garfield comics.  I know this will be amazing.  Mark your calendars!  You can watch the episode streaming live, on your computer, at your house, in your undie pants.

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Sarah Morean

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