The Cross Hatch Dispatch – 7.20.11

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[Above, King Mini takes aim. Below, the Dispatch dodges a bullet.]

  1. King Mini did a series of four Target bullseyes for the company’s corporate headquarters in downtown Minneapolis as part of their Design Unlimited display.
  2. Just in time for Comic-Con, it’s the official Habibi website!  The book will officially release in September from Pantheon.
  3. I keep hearing you can get Top Shelf books now from Comics+, but none of my devices are smart enough to verify this.
  4. Tinder Toys are here!  Why hide the fact you still play with dolls, when the dolls are this cool?
  5. Comic-Con starts tomorrow.  Are you all so excited?  Like it’s the day before Christmas or something?
  6. All known facts about gnomes have been collected here in a book by Claire Carré as a gift to her sister Lilli from…I’m guessing…1987?
  7. This week’s featured cartoonist on MPLS.TV is Athena Currier!  You remember her, right?  She used to write these dispatches.
  8. I went to my high school reunion last weekend and explained to everyone what an independent comic book is.  So don’t worry, South Dakota is safe for you now.  They shouldn’t confuse your funny books for dangerous magic and you can pass peacefully from Minnesota to Wyoming, where, I don’t know, maybe you should still watch your back.
  9. Watch a comic book store in Dallas, TX, move its entire stock to a new location.  I AM TRANSFIXED.
  10. Darryl Cunningham’s first animation.
  11. Really enjoyed this post from Richard Sala about collaboration.  Basically it says, if there’s anybody in the world who isn’t horrible, you could work with them, but, you know, probably everyone is the worst, so…  Also, his art was used for a board game, which sounds wonderful, but the end results are clearly mixed and maybe don’t throw your money at it if you’re hoping to have any fun at all on game night.
  12. You should totally get Sala’s The Hidden at Comic-Con though!  Supplies will be limited.
  13. Check out Nicole George’s comic contribution to the “It Gets Better” project from the Portland Mercury.
  14. On a personal note, I’ll be in Portland and Seattle over Labor Day weekend, if anyone wants to meet up for drinks or tell me where the cool places are.  Cross Hatch meet-up?  Let me know.

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