The Cross Hatch Dispatch – 6.17.2011

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[Above, Noah Van Sciver wishes someone in Colorado would buy his comics. Below, the Dispatch lives on the internet and doesn’t have a dime.]

  1. The Chainsaw Comics Anthology deadline approaches quickly — June 30th!
  2. The CCS graduating class is posting images from its senior show every day. Congratulations to Andrew Christensen, Ben Horak, Ben Juers, Beth Hetland, Betsey Swardlick, C. J. Joughin, Carl Antonowicz, Carl Mefferd, Corey Middleton, Emily Sauter, Jacob Montgomery, Jesse Durona, Jesse Mead, Jon Fine, Josh Kramer, Kevin Uehlein, Lena Chandhok, Lawrence Lee Derks III, Max Mose, Nomi Kane, Pat Barrett, Paul Swartz, and Tom Casteel on graduating this spring! Especially to Tom Casteel, who shares my mom’s maiden name. Could we be related?
  3. Dean Haspiel tells Overflow Magazine about an internet date gone wrong in its Summer 2011 issue (see page 40).  Best quote: I was feeling morbid and lonely.  Second best quote: I was not to become the diddle for her fiddle.
  4. Is everyone seeing pictures pop up of Domitille Collardey looking so cute on her wedding day?  So cute, you guys!  Don’t forget to read her great comics.
  5. Xeric winner Kelly Clancey recently compiled all her Children and God minis to create Soldiers of God.  She sweetly used a quote from my review of issues 1-2, so all of you buying it will remember this book gets the Morean stamp of approval.  The minis even made my best of 2008 list.  2008!  And now it’s a book.  Gee, books take a long time to make, don’t they?  Glad to finally see the story all together.
  6. I’d like you to know I am on hiatus from reviewing minis until my comics festival MIX is tidy and running smooth, or over.  Feel free to keep sending books, or don’t.  I’m setting aside a special pile of things I will get to this winter and I’m incredibly sorry I haven’t had time for this project in tandem with my other projects.  Mea culpa.
  7. If you miss our podcast and like ska, you’d do well to tune in to KZSC Santa Cruz this Saturday from 2-4pm PDT. Brian is resurrecting his college radio program Special Brew for a one-time-only engagement. I’m told it was popular with teen girls, much like Brian Heater himself.

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Sarah Morean

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