The Cross Hatch Dispatch – 6.8.11

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[Above, D&Q staff evidently spend A LOT of time discussing hottie cartoonists up in their office. Below, Cross Hatch staff spend an awful lot of time talking about how nice you all are. Really!]

  1. Tumblr, Sarah Becan and Britt Sabo deliver a very important message about taking credit for your images online before they go viral.
  2. MIX may have space available for more exhibitors than expected this fall. Why don’t you join the wait list?
  3. DO NOT MISS YOUR CHANCE TO BUY A LIMITED EDITION DEATH RAY DOLL. Sales begin tomorrow evening. Seriously. What are you doing that’s so important with your money you can’t buy a $105 doll? Trying to feed yourself? Please!
  4. You can also buy lovely Adrian Tomine tshirts if you live in Japan.  I know.  It’s not fair.
  5. Maybe when Lars Martinson returns to the JET program in July he’ll be happy to send you one.
  6. You should ask him nicely about it at his talk this Friday in Chicago sponsored by the Japan American Society of Chicago and the JETAA Chicago Chapter.  Registration is limited for this event.
  7. Comics & Medicine: The Sequential Art of Illness is a conference in its second year that’s kicking off tomorrow in Chicago. Just generally fascinated that this is a thing that exists.
  8. Feeling slightly nervous and excited for this upcoming comic book reality TV show. Try not to make us look like a bunch of fidgety, fact-checking dorks, arright, cast? Some of us are out breaking the mold over here, being very cool and forgetful.
  9. Jim Woodring performed with his legendary pen for a live audience at the Walker Art Center last weekend as part of the night-long art event called Northern Spark. IT WAS WONDERFUL. Woodring will be touring all month, so if you’re in Portland, Seattle or Bellingham please check him out!
  10. Shannon Wheeler is up for an Eisner for Best Humor Publication his book I Thought You Would Be FunnierRead it online and vote!

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  1. Shannon Wheeler | June 9th, 2011 at 2:28 am

    Rocking! Thanks for the plug.

    And I want one of those Death Ray dolls.

  2. SCHOENEN MBT | June 13th, 2011 at 4:47 am


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