The Cross Hatch Dispatch – 5.10.11

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[Above, Linus couldn’t draw his way out of a cotton blanket. Below, the confident Dispatch.]

  1. Evidently, a 3D book is being made for a festival in Rome and it wants your artwork. 3D art in a 3D object? Unbelievable. The future’s so bright I’ve got to wear a VISOR.
  2. New Yorkers and their robo-friends can quote Jeffrey Brown to Jeffrey Brown, who will be present for the opening of his Change Bots 2 art exhibit at Scott Eder Gallery in Brooklyn this Friday from 6-9pm. “CHOO CHEE CHOOK!” “BEW?” “NAH, IT’D BE EASIER TO JUST START FRESH.”
  3. Lest you forget, cartoonists, here’s an important Public Service Announcement from Nate Beaty and Alec Longstreth.
  4. The nib-holding industry doesn’t want you to know this, but they can’t protect you forever. You’re practically all grown now.
  5. If the Free Library of Philadelphia is trying to win away my allegiance from the Hennepin County Library system, believed by some to be the best in the nation, by dangling fancy podcasts in my face, uh, it’s working. As Clowes go, I go.
  6. I have a new favorite Tumblr. Now you do too.
  7. Absolutely addicted to these Toronto Comic Arts Festival questionnaires.
  8. Julia Wertz, Sarah Glidden and Lisa Hanawalt skipped out on some TCAF programming to work on their ‘Inception’-style short film. I think it’s called ‘Epic Music.’
  9. Zak Sally wants to kickstart a Sammy the Mouse collection, to be printed by him on his very own offset press. You can help!

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Sarah Morean