The Cross Hatch Dispatch – 5.4.11

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[Above, Wimbledon Green needs a match. Below, a single Dispatch.]

  1. Some lady cartoonists in Chicago are having an open panel discussion tonight about graphic novels. “Women Artists, Words and Image” features Nicole Hollander, Sarah Becan, Lucy Knisley, Heather McAdams and Corrine Mucha in conversation, moderated by Hillary Chute.
  2. Chicagoans can have their conception or death drawn by members of Trubble Club if they shop at Quimby’s on Free Comic Book Day. Road trip, anyone? I really want to see how my parents pulled off this little marvel.
  3. A silent auction benefiting Kentler International Drawing Space in Red Hook is accepting bids through May 13th. It features work from such cartooning luminaries as Nick Abadzis, Jen Ferguson, Dean Haspiel, Jennifer Hayden, Josh Neufeld and Rick Parker.
  4. Get a free poster when you sign up your child for the Top Shelf Kids Club.
  5. Free Comic Book Day is happening at a shop near you this Saturday, May 7th.
  6. I really like fake internet accounts. Want to help me be friends with Wimbledon Green on Facebook?  You know of any other funny fake accounts on Facebook or Twitter or elsewhere?  Tell me tell me tell me!  (In the comments please.)
  7. Jason lists the 50 — no, 99 — things he loves about movies. Charming.
  8. Jeffrey Brown has not been idle.
  9. Hey New York! Some lovestruck fool needs your help finding his little red-skirted girl from last month’s R. Crumb show. Let’s join the bookish fellow with his striking blond. Wait, what?

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Sarah Morean