The Cross Hatch Dispatch – 5.3.11

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[Above, Tanga asks David Malki “how’s my thieving?” Below, if you can read this Dispatch you’re standing too close.]

  1. Celebrate the Artists of the New Yorker tonight at The Strand. Francoise Mouly will moderate a panel featuring Adrian Tomine, Maira Kalman, George Booth, Roz Chast and more.
  2. David Malki makes a compelling argument for why some funny t-shirts are less offensive than others.
  3. Only Eleanor Davis and David Mack could make me want to spend hundreds of dollars just to go get my hair cut in the south.
  4. It might not take a message from TCAF to get some of you excited about pencils, but it sure is pretty.
  5. Speaking of TCAF — it’s happening this weekend! Remember to pack your passport, Yankees.
  6. The story of Bill Blackbeard, recently deceased, should give us all hope to hoard.
  7. Lars Martinson was featured on a recent episode of the Twin Cities Public Television arts & culture series MN Originals. For a few brief seconds, Cross Hatch Mini-Comics Editor Sarah Morean (meeeee) also appears to discuss his work.
  8. Hopkins Patch recently featured the comic creation of two of its native sons, The Collider, a comic about love, murder, time travel and the Large Hadron Collider. One of my besties works on said collider and, for the record, says it’s really not exciting at all. Thank god for fiction, in that case. I want to believe the hype.
  9. Scott McCloud wants to help you letter comics digitally. Pts 1 + 2.
  10. You’re running out of time to pledge a little cash to help fund Dash Shaw’s future film. Tell your rich bitch friends that few of the limited $1000 slots are still up for grabs.

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Sarah Morean

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