The Cross Hatch Dispatch – 04.20.11

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[Above, Kevin Cannon shows us why we shouldn’t pick a fight with him. Below, the Dispatch stumbles home after a bender.]

    1. In celebration of Kevin Cannon being named the best cartoonist in Minneapolis by City Pages this week, Top Shelf is offering $5 off all Minneapolis-made comics, including ones from Tim Sievert, Lars Martinson, Will Dinski and Kevin Cannon!
    2. Just Add Ink: A Comic Cookbook is looking for submissions. Deadline is June 15.
    3. You guys should contribute to Pop Candy’s new feature “Today’s Pop Hit.” Tell the world a little about your favorite comic, perhaps?
    4. Guest strip contributors Nick Soucek and Simon M. from Bristol in the U.K. would like your help funding their newsprint anthology “Sorry Entertainer.”
    5. I’m sure you all have heard that Mome is ending, right?
    6. A Comic Monthly, a new and free monthly comics anthology, just released its first issue featuring artists But The Prom Is Tomorrow, Olle Forsslöf, Jane Mai, Patrick Crotty, Maré Odomo, Miriam Ivanoff and Giannis Milonogiannis.
    7. Comics + medicine? Registration is open for “Comics & Medicine: The Sequential Art of Illness,” to be held June 9-11, 2011 at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.
    8. Since I can’t spend all my time writing Dispatches, I decided to make my own comics blog, Comix Cube. It updates MWF.
    9. I am also an editor for the upcoming Chainsaw Comics anthology. The theme is “fear,” but you shouldn’t be afraid to submit something! The deadline is June 30.
    10. Free comic book day is coming up soon! This year, it’s May 7.

      If you have any comics news, please email us! crosshatchdispatch [at] gmail [dot] com. It would help if you could put the word “Dispatch” in the subject.

      – L. Nichols

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