Re-Captioning The Family Circus–For a Cause

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One of the more exciting/bizarre honors that has bestowed upon me as a direct result of the writing I’ve done for The Onion was the ability to scribble a caption into one of Feature Editor Joe Garden’s The Family Circus collections. Garden has a number of pocket paperback collections of the strip sitting around his desk, the vast majority of which are hilariously defaced thanks to Onion staff and other funny people who swing by the office on a regular basis.

Now Garden is auctioning off one of the books for a cause (not the book with my joke caption in it, of course—that one’s far too valuable). This particular volume has scribbles from an all-star cast of recaptioners, including Janeane Garafolo, Todd Barry, Kristen Schaal, Mike Doughty, Emily Flake, David Rees, and Ward Sutton. Profits from the eBay auction will go to the embattled Wisconsin Democratic Party, so keep that in mind if you love hilarious jokes, but aren’t too keen on unions.

Garden’s been kind enough to share some images from the book with the Hatch. Check those out—and a (mostly complete) list of contributors, after the jump.


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Carol Kolb-Head Writer, Onion News Network
Ward Sutton-Cartoonist
Jamie Kilstein-Comedian/Co-Host, Citizen Radio
Allison Kilkenny-Writer, The Nation/Co-Host, Citizen Radio
Jason Roeder-Writer, The Onion, Co-Author, Our Bodies Our Junk
John Harris-Writer, The Onion/Onion News Network
Andrea Rosen-Comedian, Member Variety SHAC
Kristen Schaal-Comedian/Actor, Bob’s Burgers/Co-Author Sexy Book Of Sexy Sex
Kurt Braunohler-Comedian
Mike Doughty-Musician, ex-Soul Coughing
Chris Karwowski-Writer, The Onion
Will Tracy-Writer, The Onion/Onion News Network
Marianne Ways-Producer/Co-Author, The Secret Lives Of First Ladies
John Krewson-Writer, The Onion
Mike Sacks-Author, And Here’s The Kicker, Your Wildest Dreams, Co-Author, Our Bodies Our Junk
Jane Borden-Writer, I Totally Meant To Do That
Bob Powers-Author, Happy Cruelty Day, You Are A Miserable Excuse For A Hero/Co-author, The Werewolf’s Guide To Life
Sam Anderson-Writer, New York Magazine
Janeane Garofalo-Comedian
Emily Flake-Cartoonist, Lulu Eight Ball
Todd Hanson-Writer, The Onion
Morgan Miller-Film editor/Animator, Vacuum Attraction
Corey Pandolph-Cartoonist, The Elderberries
Sharon Mama Spell-Comedian
Scott Bateman-Cartoonist
Carol Hartsell-Editor, Huffington Post Comedy
Benari Poulten-Comedian
Maria Schneider-Writer, A Book Of Jean’s Own/Cartoonist, Pathetic Geek Stories
Geoff Haggerty-Writer, Onion Sports Dome
Dan Mirk-Writer, Onion News Network
Sam West- Writer, Onion Sports Dome
Jill Marie Morris-Contributing writer, The Onion/Comedian
Erik Tanouye-Writer, Comedian
Todd Barry-Comedian
Daniel Radosh-Writer, The Daily Show/Author, Rapture Ready
David Rees-Artisinal Pencil Sharpener/Cartoonist, Get Your War
Onnita Serwacki-Contributing Writer, The Onion/Co-Author The New Vampire’s Handbook

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  1. Joe Garden | April 17th, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    I would only like to add that there will be two more similar books up for auction throughout the year, with different signors and for different charities. This one, however, has my favorite joke of all of them.

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