What I’m Doing at MoCCA This Weekend

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It’s been a busy week. It’s going to be an even busier weekend. I’m pretty booked up for the next few days—in the best way possible. As many of you know, MoCCA graciously asked me to curate the festival for the second year in a row. One of the upsides of that gig is the opportunity to play a role in many of the panels themselves.

And like last year, I will also be spinning records at the official MoCCA party. Sarah Morean will also be on hand, helping me run the panels downstairs at the armory, so if she doesn’t look too crazy busy, make sure to say “hello.”

Check out a quick schedule of my goings on at the show, after the jump.


MoCCA Fest Kickoff Party: I’ll be DJing the kickoff party at Sutra in the Lower East Side. There will also be live music from Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel and live art by R. Sikoryak.

1:30PM  Gahan Wilson: Playboy and Beyond We explore the long, storied career of satirist Gahan Wilson.

4:30 The State of Editorial Cartooning Ruben Bolling (Tom the Dancing Bug), Tim Kreider (The Pain — When Will it End), Ted Rall (Year of Loving Dangerously) The trials and tribulations of creating political cartoons in 2011.


1:30 Peter Bagge: A History of Hate A one-on-one conversation with one of alternative comics’ most influential and enduring voices.

2:30 Pizza Island: The Panel Julia Wertz (Drinking at the Movies), Sarah Glidden (How to Understand Israel), Kate Beaton (Hark, a Vagrant), Meredith Gran (Octopus Pie), Lisa Hanawalt (I Want You)  Some of today’s brightest young cartoonists share a workspace in Brooklyn. Here is their story.

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