Help Japanese Earthquake Victims, Get Free Comics

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[Graphic stolen from Lars Martinson]

It’s easy to get desensitized when you live halfway around the round. There’s a constant stream of horrific images and video of earthquakes and after shocks and tsunamis and power plants every time you turn on the TV or open up your laptop. But I’ll add to the chorus of echos: if you haven’t donated yet, do it. Now.

But if you need some added incentive to give (or, perhaps, to give again), a lot talented folks are offering up artwork to help raise money for victims of last week’s 9.0 earthquake off the coast of northern Japan.

We’ve put out the call to artists who are donating their goods and services for this cause. We’ll continue to add to the list as more names come in, so please, either drop us a line at dailycrosshatch [at] or leave a comment below, if you or anyone you know is holding a benefit of this nature.


Big Ugly Robot


For the rest of the month the proceeds of all sales will be donated to disaster relief efforts for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Charity: International Red Cross Society

Graham Clark (Stop Podcasting Yourself)

beard deer

This painting was created by Graham Clark of Stop Podcasting Yourself using his beard.This is a painting of what an Irish Deer might have looked liked before it went extinct.It is brown, white, black and blue acrylic on 7″ by 9″ canvas board.I wasn’t going to sell this painting, as I painted it completely for myself. As I have had success with raising funds in the past with these beard paintings, I thought I could sell this and give all proceeds to GlobalMedic, a wonderful organization that sends volunteer paramedics, firemen/women and police to disasters all over the world. They are currently deploying people to Japan. I plan on donating as much as I can and thought selling this could add to the pot.

Charity: GlobalMedic

Elephant Eater

elephant eater

As we are all aware, there is a crisis in Japan. For the next week, I will be holding an auction for YOUR CHOICE of any page of original art from the yet-to-be-released And Then One Day #9, which you have been reading here for the past several weeks. Heck, you can have your pick of ANY page of original artwork I still own, assuming you are the highest bidder.

Charity: Unicef

Jenny Devil Doll Gonzales

jenny gonzales rats

For the rest of the month I’ll forward the sales of any minicomics, paintings or drawings to relief for Japan, probably through the Japan Society. Comix are $2, for prices on original pieces, contact me through the email on the page to make an offer.

Charity: Japan Society

Meg Hunt

mehhunt art for japan

We need you to donate whatever you can—art, books, whatever—from your creative endeavors in order to make this a roaring success. All proceeds will go to help the Japanese people dig out from under this pile of calamities, and you’ll get the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from doing something nice for people in a whole mess of trouble.

Charity: AmeriCares

Jason JFish Fischer


To help survivors of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake which devastated Japan, all proceeds from sales of this design will benefit Mercy Corps. In partnership with Peace Winds Japan, donations made to Mercy Corps will directly aid in immediate and long-term rehabilitation and humanitarian needs of earthquake and tsunami victims.Choose from 4 different styles of my Sushi Japan shirt and help those in need!

Charity: Mercy Corps and Peace Winds Japan

Lars Martinson

Lars Martinson

As an artist of limited means, I don’t really have the money to make a big donation, so I’ve decided to try something else. For the rest of the month of March, 2011, I will donate all profits from sales of Tonoharu: Part One and Tonoharu: Part Two to the Red Cross. (This offer only applies to orders placed through my website, not books bought in bookstores or at; I don’t have any control over those sales).

Charity: The Red Cross

The Mountain Goats

mountain goats demo

Not comics, but I had to include.

I always try when asked for an auction donation to come up with something special. My donation for Japan is a tape I found in a box today. The tape is dated 5/27/01, and is labeled “FRENETIQUES demos” on the spine, but that plural is deceptive: it has only one song on it. The song’s called “Eugene Sue.” I spent today trying to figure out why it’s called that, but no luck. Quick math tells me that this is the tape I had planned on making the next work-tape before I decided to write Tallahassee instead.

Len Peralta


Order a Flipface [Facebook avata], type “HELP JAPAN” in the special instructions,I’ll draw you an anime av & donate $5 to relief.

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  1. Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz | March 16th, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    For the rest of the month I’ll forward the sales of any minicomics, paintings or drawings to relief for Japan, probably through the Japan Society. Comix are $2, for prices on original pieces, contact me through the email on the page to make an offer.

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