Lunch Break :: March 8, 2011

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RM Rhodes is best known as the man in the purple suit, which makes him the easiest person to find at SPX. He makes high concept comics from photographs and other mixed media. As if this wasn’t enough to make him credible, he also remixed Star Wars, has Dave McKean’s signature tattooed on his arm and he won a Nerdlinger award in 2010. He loves his wife, Bandes Desinees, and talking about himself in the third person. He found these five comics for you to love.

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Lunch Break is a short round-up of favorite webcomics appearing here each weekday at noon. Here’s something for you to enjoy over your lunch break or whenever. The premise is simple: it’s another day on the internet. Here’s a new or forgotten comic that seems interesting. Have something to recommend? Email us:

  1. So Mature from “Subnormality” by Winston Rowntree // date unknown
  2. New Uniforms from “Hipster Hitler” by JC and APK // September 28, 2010
  3. Episode 1: The Saga Begins from “Darth & Droids” by anonymous // date unknown
  4. Chapter 3 – Page 20 from “Riven Sol” by Elaine Corvidae // August 23, 2010
  5. Book One: Promise of Chains from “Al’Rashad: City of Myths” by Christopher Bird and Davinder Brar // date unknown

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