Guest Strip: Nick Soucek

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-2It’s been just over a year since Nick (Bristol, UK) first appeared at The Daily Cross Hatch, and only just over two years since he thought to have a go at comics at all. Nick’s comic project MisComp continues to evolve, and in this way is an archive of an ever-improving drawing-and-story-telling confidence (Nick says).

Since about this time last year, Nick now has a regular comic slot in the internationally distributed cycling magazine Boneshaker, with his co-conspiritor Simon M. has tabled at a couple of comic expos (kinda breaking even-ish), and is co-coordinating several Bristol-based and international sequential art zines, a zine market, and a newspaper anthology. He has recently finished his first mini-comic, available to read for free on his site, and is currently half way through a longer dystopian piece about which he is very excited.


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