Guest Strip: Sophia Wiedeman

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sophiatzSophia Wiedeman got her MFA at the School of Visual Arts. She currently lives in New York. When she isn’t drawing or working off debt, she fills time by walking, stopping strangers on the street to pet their dogs, and disinfecting dog bites.

Her excellent comic The Deformitory won a Xeric grant in 2008. Right now she’s completing The Lettuce Girl, a re-imagining of the fairy tale Rapunzel, which should be out in time for MoCCA.

View more of her work online at and follow her blog at You’ll also see her work featured on Top Shelf 2.0 and printed regularly in Time Out New York.

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Sarah Morean

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  1. rob jackson | December 24th, 2010 at 6:23 am

    Thats very funny!