The Cross Hatch Podcast 014: Garfield on Garfield With Jeremy Tinder

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Cartoonist/educator Jeremy Tinder joins us for a very¬†Chicagoan episode of the podcast. We talk the city’s red light district, a U.S. Acres movie, and whether anyone can ever truly own Ira Glass.

Cross Hatch Podcast 014 [CLICK TO LISTEN]

2 Comments to “The Cross Hatch Podcast 014: Garfield on Garfield With Jeremy Tinder”

  1. Box Brown | December 21st, 2010 at 8:13 am

    A) I used to get those books from Scholastic also. It was awesome cause you knew your parents would get them for you cause it was from school. Also: they carried the Calvin and Hobbes books too.

    B) I want to be on the podcast. #newultimategoalinlife

  2. Cally Raduenzel | January 5th, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Named my dog after Quimby’s, Uncle Fun is my happy place, I lived in Wicker Park in the early 90’s when my rent for a small 3 bedroom was 425$ a month and I had two roomates…gotta love that! I too loved Garfield and Heathcliff at a young age which drew me to Mad Magazine and Wacky Packages, then into Vampira, moving into the treasures of Peter Bagge, Julie Doucet, R. Crumb…and yeah, the list is endless;) Underground Comix are my life blood…or at least my funny bone!